Eating Ceviche at Paisa Restaurant  (Hebert Huamani Jara)

Eating Ceviche at Paisa Restaurant (Hebert Huamani Jara)

Ceviche is a passion. It seduces your culinary desires. Its flavor is incredible, exotic and yet a bit spicy. Wow. Those delicate bits of fish, marinated in lime juice take you into a world of fantasy.

Wishing to share a good dish of ceviche transported my friends, Walter, Arnold, and I put us into a situation. We had to choose which cevichería to go to.

This national, iconic dish is found throughout our city, in its markets, avenues, and streets many vendors push carts where they offer this wonderful treat. But there are also well known and well recommended restaurants focusing on ceviche, such as Rio Mar, El Pulpo, El Oasis, and others. Read the rest of this entry

David Knowlton

Grinding Hot Sauce on a Traditional Batán (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Grinding Hot Sauce on a Traditional Batán (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Scientists tell us it is the quantity of capsaicin peppers have that makes them hot and spicy to one degree or another. The spiciness is generally measured in Scoville units and different kinds of pepper are given general ranges. 

That they come in ranges suggests that two peppers of the same kind may have different degrees of heat. 

As a result of the variation, people in Cuzco look for other explanations of why some hot sauces, made with the same kind of pepper, a rococo let us say, are hotter than others. Here, in Spanish, they ask why one sauce is more picante than another made with the same pepper. Read the rest of this entry

Brayan Coraza Morveli

Enjoy a Ceviche Today  (Arnold Fernandez Coraza Morveli)

Enjoy a Ceviche Today (Arnold Fernandez Coraza)

Today, the 28th of June, we celebrate the National Day of Ceviche. In 2004 this dish was declared a National Cultural Heritage and in 2008 the Ministry of Production declared that every year on this date we would celebrate ceviche and its importance for Peru.

From early today many people throughout the country began making preparation to consume a delicious dish of ceviche in their homes with their families or to got o a restaurant specializing in sea food or to find a ceviche-vending tricycle in order to enjoy this wonderful food today. Read the rest of this entry

Brayan Coraza Morveli

Titicaca Lake

Titicaca Lake by Pedro Szekely

Once upon a time there was a distant city located where the Andes blew a wind like out of a deep freeze in order to keep all the products of the fields fresh. It only had small houses of stone and straw and its people were poor and their houses small. They could only accommodate three people each.

One day a couple of strangers came who was looking for a place to stay. They were an elderly pair and they went door to door seeking someone who would put them up so they could get out of the cold night air. Read the rest of this entry

David Knowlton

Strawberry jam and Ciabatta Bread

Strawberry Jam and Ciabatta Bread

Far too frequently, you are in a Cusco restaurant, even a good one, eating the breakfast you ordered and you notice the strawberry jam that was supposed to be there for your bread was not there. You ask. They tell you, “we ran out of jam.”

So ordinary and so frustrating. This happened to me this morning in Kushka…afe on Espaderos Street. The place was full and the young man serving had to go around telling everyone there was no jam. Read the rest of this entry

Walter Coraza Morveli, Arnold Fernandez Coraza, and Hebert Edgardo Huamani Jara

A Stand of Corn and Its  Varieties

A Stand of Corn and Its Varieties in Huancaro Fair

This year, after a break, the objective of the Huancaro Fair was reclaimed, to give a public space to Cusco’s agricultural and livestock producers. It takes place between the 20th and 20th of June in the Huancaro Fairgrounds. Producers from the thirteen provinces of Cusco and from other regions of the country are present.

It was fascinating and a great learning experience to visit this state fair held in Huancaro where all the diverse climates and areas of Cusco and other regions come together in a single space. Read the rest of this entry

Walter Coraza Morveli

Inti Raymi - Feast of the Sun (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Inti Raymi – Feast of the Sun (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Today has been a memorable day for the city of Cusco. Inti Raymi, the most eagerly awaited feast of year, gathered a powerful number around the Plaza de Armas and Sacasayhuaman. It included thousands of spectators, Peruvians and tourists the world over. The stage, if it could be said to compare, triumphed.

The Feast of the Sun is celebrated every 24th of June. This solstice marks the new year in the Andes. The Andean solstice includes ceremonies and Incan rites to both Mother earth and the sun god. The people danced beautifully. It has been a great feast. I, as a spectator, had great fun and was filled with joy. Cusco has a rich culture that impresses everyone who visits. Read the rest of this entry

Arnold Fernandez Coraza

Huatia Dish, Potato Baked (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Huatia Dish, Baked Sweet Potatoes  (Walter Coraza Morveli)

After having lived a month filled with fiestas and adrenaline we celebrate today the last fiesta of this month, Inti Raymi. This is one of the traditional feasts of Cuzco which is celebrated every year. They begin it in the Qori Cancha, the Temple of the Sun, and they finish it in Saqsayhuaman.

This is a very special day for the people of Cusco since today we carry out a great performance in honor of the Sun God. Furthermore we also carry out today a traditional huatia to enrich local and foreign palates. Huatia is a symbol of sharing you could say because people in Inti Raymi do not just share hautia they also share emotions and a lot of joy. Read the rest of this entry

David Knowlton

Qoyllur Rit’i , Sinakara (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Qoyllur Rit’i , Sinakara (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Smoke flowed in a cloud over the grassy lands to the side of Saqsayhuaman from early in the morning and traffic was heavy. Long before the crowds arrived at the site of the ancient temple of Saqsayhuaman for the performance of the Inti Raymi pageant with its honoring the sun and sacrifice of a llama for Cusco, people were already on site.

Before noon the grassy grounds were covered with perhaps as many as thirty thousand people opening the earth and stacking clods in carefully constructed hive ovens which they would then fire up until very hot and then fill with potatoes and other tubers before collapsing it and letting them cook. Many others streamed in through out the day to make their own ovens and eat huatia, earth oven cooked food. Read the rest of this entry

Hebert Edgardo Huamani Jara and Walter Coraza Morveli

Cusco Lives a Great Fusion of Culture, Tradition, and Mystery Today

Cusco Lives a Great Fusion of Culture, Tradition, and Mystery Today

In June, Cusco lives a great fusion of culture, tradition, and mystery.

Our Capital of Culture fills with color, flavor, and joy to the maximum. From the Plaza de Armas and throughout the monumental core people experience a great fiesta. There are dance troups, merchants, and pedestrians all mixed together in their different colors making this feast unique.

All of the public and private institutions of Cusco, including the municipalities, financial cajas, banks, neighborhoods, Glass of Milk Committees, and so many more render homage to our Cusco. Read the rest of this entry