I. Cookbooks

Slowly, the publishing industry is giving us cookbooks in English on the cuisine of Peru. They are a mixed bunch, as is often the case. Here are the ones currently available. Once you are home from Cuzco and Machu Picchu, you can use them to remember your travels and to continue your gustatory explorations.

1. Copeland Marks, The Exotic Kitchens of Peru (M. Evans and Company, Inc., 2001). ISBN: 0871319578

2  Tony Custer, The Art of Peruvian Cuisine (Fundacion Custer, 2003). ISBN: 9972920305

3. Flor Arcaya de Deliot, The Food and Cooking of Peru: Traditions, Ingredients, Tastes, and Techniques in 60 Classic Recipes (Aquamarine, 2010) ISBN: 1903141680

4. Emilio Peschera, Secrets of Peruvian Cuisine (Origo Ediciones, Bilingual Edition, 2005) ISBN: 13: 978-9568077259

5. Douglas Rodriguez, The Great Ceviche Book (Ten Speed Press, 2010). ISBN: 978-1580081078

(To find ingredients for Peruvian cooking please look at our Recipes page)

II. More

Celebrated New York chef, author, and personality Anthony Bourdain traveled to Peru to discover its cuisine as part of his series of culinary travel adventures across the globe. His programs are famous for their daring and wit, as well as visual introductions to the richness of a cuisine. His Peru adventure is well worth viewing, but once you have, you will want to see more of Bourdain and his gastronomic explorations.

Also, included here is a guide for English speakers to the often arcane world of Peruvian food and food terms. It is very useful for the traveler or anyone interested in beginning to comprehend the rich and diverse world of Peruvian cuisine, as lived by people on the ground.

Finally, Cuzcoeats adds a DVD from The Discovery Channel on the iconic Peruvian beverage, chicha.