Peruvian food is taking the world by storm these days.  Not only are its celebrity chefs gaining international renown and its restaurants popping up in city after city around the world, people are beginning to make Peruvian food at home.   But the world of Cuzco’s cuisine remains unknown to outsiders, since there is no book we know of published in English on it. We have been collecting recipes and will publish them below for you, though we must say that these are not yet kitchen tested in the US. Along with them will be found notes and comparisons with other recipes available in published form.



Lechón (Roast Pork)

Lechón and Tamales

Lechón and Tamales

(For 10 persons)


1. 5 kg. Pork roast (preferably with the skin still attached)

2. 10 limes

3. 1/4 pkg. of  seasoning, Consisting of the following ingredients mixed together.

a. garlic 50g.

b. cumin 50 g,

c. salt 200g ,

d. ground pepper 50g

e. yellow aji (or other yellowish mild chile)  200 g,

f. diced ginger 10g,

g. Soy sauce 2 tsp.

h. onion.


The day before you plan to serve the roast.

1 Squeeze lime juice onto the pork skin

2.Condiment the pork by rubbing it with the seasoning.

3. Add onion.

4. Let the pork set in your refrigerator or other cool place for an entire day .

5. Bake it in a medium oven until done.

6. Cut into large pieces.

7. Serve accompanied with Tamales or Bread, preferably bread from Oropesa.